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We stand idly by
and do fucking nothing
Creation cries out
for the sons of God

but as usual
no one hears the cry
As we turn our backs
everything now dies

redeem you fallen freedom

permit a new world order

Now the time has come
like a thief in the night
We devour nations
bite for bite

In the land of the blind
the one eyed is king
divided we fall
together we sing

The kingdom suffers violence
from the weak minded
A man in two minds
is a slave of the wind

As he is cast to and fro
the world makes him bow
As he’s on his knees
he is slaughtered like a cow

Rise and stand as a son
Reclaim this kingdom realm

The song talks about a redeeming of kingdom that is within darkness. This darkness is a counterfeit system that people support and build when they are not acting against the evil that eats away at all creation. The kingdom is a collective and when people allow injustice, they allow a part of the kingdom to fall into darkness. God does not allow injustice, we do because we are appointed to rule this realm. When we fail to do so by being double-minded, it destroys kingdom and ourselves. This song is a creed to reclaim and devour what is rightfully ours, we are the ‘new…new world order’.

Oog vir n oog, tand vir n tand
om te vergewe, ek sal fokken eerder brand
Oog vir n oog, tand vir n tand
afgestorwe hoop na n beter land

Daar is n saadjie in jou hart
geplant deur verdriet en smart
Dit verleen die doodskrag aan jou woord
wat almal verstoot

Apartheid in die land
gemaak vir net een kant
dit steel en roof en maak jou doof
verhoed dat jy kan brand
Jy doen dit elke keer
om jou naaste te onteer
dit steel by jou en voor jy weet
sal jy alles berou

Oog vir n oog is nie genoeg
met jou woorde wil jy alles verwoes
verdink almal van hoogverraad
soos n hond na sy braak

This song is about reverse-apartheid in South Africa and the hate that people have for each other rather than for what is evil. It tells the story of someone that believes a better country can be obtained by repaying an eye for an eye rather than through loving his fellow man. It then explains how this new kind of apartheid blinds people, deafens them to the truth and prevents them from being refined. Unforgiveness is what causes such a person to lose everything in the end, because everyone else is seen as a traitor. They are like a dog that goes back to its own vomit.

Faceless lives with faceless dreams
Vanity, no self-esteem
A 1000 groups to share your hate
Governed by a police state

You’ve lost your right to say you care
your ministries lay cold and bare
you fight against that which you hate
no more action, just debate

Your DIY is AFK
You’re a social whore, nothing to say
You use the trap for your own gain
Your community is one big domain

Social media punks fuck of
Social media punks sod of

You post and tweet your empty lives
you eat and drink their filthy lies
Your governed by their world affairs
you propagate media snares

AFK is an abbreviation for ‘away from keyboard’. It tells the story of people that live their lives on Facebook, specifically people that are part of subcultures. Punks and a few other of these subcultures once had an unwritten law, which stated that community is sacred and that within it lies unity. Terms like ‘direct action’ is unknown to these groups, because their definition of it is pressing the ‘like’ button and telling others to do something about a problem. Do it yourself (DIY) is now watching other people doing it on YouTube.

Because of this, punks and other subcultures have lost their right to call themselves part of these communities, because connecting with people and interacting with them are only done through Facebook. To promote a punk show only through Facebook is an oxymoron to the cause, and a personal interaction when handing somebody a DIY-flyer is a thing of the past. An anti-social, media driven system is now the main means of communicating, when it used to be the very thing to rise against. Facebook punks…. Fuck off.

They say its democracy
They say it’s for you and me
They say make your final choice
Tick the box and hear our voice

They say vote for the DA
They say vote for ANC
They say vote for EFF
It’s the same stench of old breath

Fuck you, and your policy, of democracy
it’s neither for me and neither for you
I say fuck you, and your empty lies, with your brighter skies
and your rainbow nation of demise

Fuck you, and your promises that astonishes
the feeble minded to silenceness
Fuck you, for your time has come, it’s over and done
now look to your heart for the only son

Take your vote, stick up your ass
we are the majority class

We will not listen to your lies
We will not see it through your eyes
This is the time for rebellion
This is the end of your position

The vast majority of South Africans still believe that we live in a democratic state, a system that takes individuals into account and where every voice is heard. This could not be further from the truth. Our country is governed by a corrupt communist rulership, i.e. the ANC. The illusion of option is given to the people by means of voting, this keeps them calm as the country deteriorates more and more under the power of this terror state. The ANC was selected, not elected. If you vote, you choose to make a party your voice, if you don’t vote, you choose to reserve your right to represent yourself with your own voice.

Walking down the aisle like a bride
but there is no one to collect
As she draws closer to the pit
she feels the spraying of spit

Till death do us part
your identity you discard
Making your final decision
ommitting your life to religion

Vowing to eat your own shit
Vowing to falsely submit
as his dick draws closer to her ear
she sees this love is based on fear

It’s time to divorce your religion
Step through the veil, increase your vision
No more spitting in your face
No more being the disgrace

When people turn to religion they form a union with the systematic death of their spirit, rather than forming a union with Christ. This is a fine line and these days less and less people are able to discern between the two. It is a story about a person who is walking down the aisle, just about to get married to religion. They then realise that they are losing their identity in the process, being spit on and instead of being freed by the word, it rapes and ensnares them. Divorcing religion and being in Christ is what frees you from this snare.

I call a shovel a spade
There where the heart is you trade
For every penny and every dime
For every thought and every crime

For your blood leaves a trail
that can be traced to your bail
Every seed that you sow
will be reaped from below

What will you leave behind
for generations to find
Will they eat from the flesh
or will they choke on the bone

Every time you trade
there’s a promise to be made
Where the heart goes, goes the mind
Where the heart goes, goes the mind

Fuck your life and your bloodline will be fucked as well
Trade with straw and you will burn away just like them

People tend to think that their selfish actions or deeds go unpunished, a “crime pays” sort of outlook. Their actions are sugar coated with… “it’s not that bad”. Every person’s actions leave a trail, and that trail is recorded in your bloodline, so whether you or your descendants reap the fruit, it will be reaped. Every action has a reaction and as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

Your moral code is down the drain
you feel no ashamed
You don’t think twice to be nice
but always for a price

Your morality rapes me systematically
you made it up as you went ‘cause that is the trend
It’s based on you, has no grace it only seeks your face
You point them out from a far for your silver star

Self-righteousness morality
Self-righteousness morality

Your morality is blasphemy
it speaks no truth to me
It’s all based on what you feel
but never what you steal

A moral code needs to exist outside of one’s self, it needs to be rooted in an absolute that is outside of one’s personal opinions. If it does not, then a person’s moral code is based on their own perceptions, surroundings, upbringing and personal truths. People justify their moral compass mostly by the amount of ‘freedom’ they can gain from it. With this way of thinking, rape and love could be seen as the same thing…

We are both dead and alive
We are both loved and despised
The question is then who are we
If we are not what you see

We are the death squad from above
We are the ones that hate and love
We are destroyers of your peace
We are the uncontrolled disease

A short anthem to tell you that we are not what you think we are and we don’t do what you think we do… we are destroyers of your peace.

Drink! Deep!
Drink! Deep!
Drink! Deep!
Drink! Deep!

We are fucking alcoholics x 4

Falling in the street, street, street
can’t stay on your feet, feet, feet
We will never stop, stop, stop
we’ll drink until we drop, drop, drop

Drinking liquor, wine or beer should neither be demonized nor idolized. Drinking is not the problem, drunkenness is. The reason for this being that drunkenness in the natural is a counterfeit, whereas in ‘him’ one can become as sloshed-face as possible because the true ‘drink’ is him. Bottoms up!

Cases are made and lost in my father’s house
for the ones advancing and accusing should be denounced
For the kingdom suffers violence for the profit that it holds
but the riches will be given to the sons that upholds
For now is the time to piss against the wall
let it seep through the cracks
let it satisfy the call… the call… your call

We are the wolves that devour your flesh
We are the order that will not digress
We are the ones, with the last say
Bite for bite… you will decay

Bite the hand that once fed you
this is the process to become new
Embrace the violence with the bloodshed
this is the one thing you won’t regret

An order cannot be praised and cursed at the same time. Sometimes people want the love that comes with the brethren, but curses the brotherhood. It is for every man to choose on which side of the fence he sits on, one cannot exploit a righteous system for a corrupt purpose. If you want to be part of the brethren, one must turn from the old system and bite the hand that once fed you.

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